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I am concerned about any advancement of what seems to be a search for a biological cause or reason for Borderline Personality Disorder on the part of scientists and mental health professionals. What follows along with that line of thinking is drug therapy. I am not a professional and I certainly cannot speak for everyone at all. I can, however, say, that in my experience as someone who had BPD, and was never put on any of the medication that is so readily thrown at many with BPD, how could one explain my recovery? Many who professionals who take the point of view of 'the biology of BPD' may well not be paying enough attention to the inherent damage and consequence caused by abandonment trauma. Even the changes seen and more and more being documented due to abandonment trauma in very young human beings, on a biological level, in my opinion, do not make BPD a biologically caused mental illness. It is after all classified as a mental illness not a physical illness with good reason.

For more see Biopsychiatry

I think that any (and pretty much all) biological components of BPD are likely related to the changes that can and do occur on a biological level that result from emotional and psycholgical trauma - biologicial changes that can be reveresed with many forms of psychotherapy. I am troubled by the amount of medication and the hopelessness that the biological cause argument fuels in those with BPD, those who care about them and many treating professionals.

In fact, a lot of years ago now, when I was in therapy for BPD, a psychiatrist who I asked if I would ever get better, said, and I quote, "Not until or unless we find a better pill." Firstly, I wasn't on any medication for BPD and secondly I have gone on to recover from BPD without any medication. So, his reasoning must have been flawed. What to believe eh?

What is the benefit of the biological argument as the cause of BPD? Let's see, drug companies push their drugs to doctors who push these drugs on patients - to their benefit or to their determent? I think there is a place for drug therapy for some in that drugs can help address certain issues to the point where one then hopes some progress can be made in psychotherapy. But now many are putting forth these drugs as the cure-all or life-long management of BPD. I don't agree.

I also feel that those who treat people with Borderline Personality Disorder and hold out either no hope for recovery to their patients or a recovery based only upon drug intervention, do those with BPD a great disservice, causing hopelessness, and, in fact, only perpetuate the re-victimization of those with BPD by effectively leaving them more dependent upon those who prescribe medication. This isn't to anyone's benefit.

If the biological theories were accurate how do professionals explain the recovery of more and more people from BPD, many of whom are not reliant upon some drug for that recovery. In my case, I was not prescribed (they tried but I refused actually) any psychiatric medication. I recovered anyway. Or, did I recover because of that or in spite of that? And, why aren't professionals mapping out and defining what recovery from BPD looks like and is?

I find the constant and ever-growing researching focus on some biological cause of BPD to be a tremendous waist of time and effort. By expending all that time and energy and all the resources and money in furthering their biological theories some in the mental health profession aren't even addressing the real issues that need addressing - like providing adequate, respectful, and skilled therapy to those with BPD that can and will help them get better at the very worst, and recover at the very best.

If those who spend such time, energy, and focus trying to prove theories would spend that kind of time and energy investing in these suffering human beings just think we could actually put some drug companies out of business (nothing against drug companies per se but I am troubled by the over-use of certain medication in those with BPD and even more to the point, it being held up as the only way to get better) and see more and more people with BPD recover too. What could be better? What is the problem? Why fail to see what I know from experience - the core wound(s) of abandonment are at the heart of BPD and you don't need to take medication to heal them either.

© A.J. Mahari, November 24, 2006

NOTE: I am not a mental health professional and if you have BPD and you have been prescribed medication by your mental health provider do not stop taking it based on what I say or what you read here. Please consult your doctor or therapist before making any decisions that affect medication. There are reasons for some use of medication that are necessary and you should not ever stop any medication without professional consultation.


This site offers, the first of its kind on the internet since 1995, hope. It is not unrealistic. If you have been diagnosed with BPD - hope, believe, and have faith that you can and will recover. How each of us recovers and to what degree is highly individual.


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