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If you are someone with a child or adult-child who has Borderline Personality Disorder the Borderline_Tempest list may benefit you. It is a list of parents who are supportive who share information on how they are coping.

  • A Mother with BPD Daugher

  • A Mother Speaks Out About BPD & Environment

  • A Mother With a BPD Son Talks about Male Borderlines, Blaming Parents & DBT

  • A Father and BPD Daugher Two Daughers, Same Parents - Only One Has BPD

  • Relationship and Changes as BPD Is Realized

  • Initial Dream (Expectations) for My Borderline Daughter

  • Father's Experience Compared to Mother's

  • Coping As A Family With Borderline Daughter

  • Letting Go and Not Enabling BPD Behavior

  • What Parents Of Those With BPD Really Need To Know

  • A Father's Journey

    This list was formed on October 14th, 1999 and currently has 215 members. It is moderated by the list owner, A.J. Mahari

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    DBT List For Parents of Borderlines

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