Borderline Personality Disorder From The Inside Out

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"The puzzle at the heart of BPD is one that you can solve." A.J. Mahari

The Pain at the Heart of BPD

A.J. Mahari, a woman who recovered from BPD 14 years ago, is the Author of 14 ebooks and 24 audio programs a speaker, Mental Health Coach and Life coach.


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DBT Online Class List for Borderlines

This group is a peer-led online DBT SKILLS class for Borderlines only. We will be sending out the homework sheets of the founder of DBT, Dr. Marsha Linehan and providing guidance, support, and feedback for group members about their practice of the DBT skills in their own lives. This list is limited to the teaching and discussion of DBT Skills and does not permit any off-topic, social type posting.

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PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Often those diagnosed with BPD also have a diagnosis of PTSD. PTSD, often results from childhood sexual abuse.

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This page was created on July 29, 1999 as part of the re-organization of (Soul's Self Help Central) © Ms. A.J. Mahari 1996-2009 and moved to this domain September 7, 2004

© A.J. Mahari 2003-2010. Last up-dated March 15, 2010

A.J. Mahari has many articles on BPD from 1999-2009 that are available for your reading at no cost. Articles are added along with Blogs and Videos periodically as time permits and the rest of my writing will be made available at reasonable rates in Ebooks (PDF format) along with the information I make available in my Audio Programs for those with BPD and BPD Loved Ones.

Along with offering hope that recovery is possible and more information on what it looks and feels like and how others can begin to recover this site will also seek to continue to bridge the gap that exists between worlds. The world of those diagnosed with BPD and the world of those who seek to understand them and who often have to make very tough choices about whether or not they can forge ahead in relationships that so far have caused a tremendous amount of pain and have not proved to be healthy.

This site offers hope. It is not unrealistic. If you have been diagnosed with BPD - hope, believe, and have faith that you can and will recover. I am now in the process of adding information to a new section on this web site dedicated just to information and questions and so forth - all about recovery from BPD.

How each person diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder recovers (or perhaps doesn't) and to what degree is highly individual and much more will be outlined about this in a new section I am working on now on this site, along with the over-all re-construction of this site that focuses on Recovery From BPD

© A.J. Mahari