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"The puzzle at the heart of BPD is one that you can solve." A.J. Mahari

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Recovery From Borderline Personality IS possible!

If you are someone who is a ways down the road to recovery or who has already recovered A.J. would like to hear from you - perhaps interview you. Please email A.J. at bpdinsideout@yahoo.ca

I recovered from Borderline Personality Disorder at the age of 38, in 1995. I have been recovered for 14 years now. I was diagnosed with BPD at the age of 19 and while I was in and out of therapy from the age of 17, it wasn't until I hit my own bottom that I opened up to the serious process of really doing the work in therapy at the age of 33 that I got on the road to the what would be total recovery by the age of 38. I was in helpful therapy for the two years prior to this getting to the place I needed to be to really open up to the work I still had to do back then. I would also say that while I recovered in 1995, the next two years, from age 38 to 40 were years in which I was still solidifying the gains of recovery and further growing into the authentic me I had become.

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Last up-dated on March 23, 2010