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"I dont mean to be bothering you, but I am very worried. Today, I was diagnosed by my therapist. I was diagnosed with BPD, post tramatic stress disorder, mood disorder, panic/anxiety disorder. Please help me. I am terribly scared. I am receiving help, but I am having to switch doctors and I wont see the new one for weeks. I just want to know what all this means. Am I crazy???? Again, I am sorry to be bothering you."

AJ's Response:

Firstly, to email somewhere and ask for feedback is not being a bother. You are concerned and new to this and seeking some information. That is very reasonable.

Having just been diagnosed it is very important that you just slow down, breathe, do your best to relax. You will not be able to figure all of this out right now. It will take time.

It is quite natural to be scared of that which is new and that you do not yet understand well. Have patience with yourself. You will learn how to cope in time.

No, you are NOT crazy! You have some issues to deal with and you will need time to deal with them. In the meantime you might want to seek support from someone in your life. If you do not have any support system in your life then you may find an email support group helpful.

I have an email lists for those diagnosed with BPD and PTSD and anxiety. You may want to refer to my Email Lists Page

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