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Dr. Richard Moskovitz, author of the book: "Lost In The Mirror", answers questions asked by A.J. or by Borderlines from the Borderpd Email Support List.

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  • The difference between BPD and other dissociative disorders?
  • What does the borderline diagnosis mean to me as a doctor?
  • The difference between DBT and "regular" therapy?
  • Does DBT work better?
  • Should all Borderlines try to get into a DBT program?
  • How important is the "fit" between client and therapist?
  • The Problem of Intimacy
  • Self-Harm
  • Why Professionals Treat Borderlines As If They Can't Get Better
  • The Role of Shame in BPD March 18, 2002
  • Child Abuse: Permanent Effects on the Brain? March 21, 2002

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