By Ace-Jensen (A.J.) Mahari

Borderlines speak out on various issues as listed below in an attempt to not only be heard but also to express to other Borderlines and those who are not Borderline, but care about someone who is what some aspects of having Borderline Personality Disorder are like for them. The questions are asked by A.J. Mahari as the Topic of the Week on the Borderpd Email List and the answers are from listmembers and are re-printed here with the written permission of listmembers.

"Who then can so softly bind up the wound of another as he who has felt the same wound himself." -- Thomas Jefferson

Borderline Questions to the "therapist" of the universe and subsequent "answers"

 Being Borderline verus Having BPD  BPD Reactions to Non-Bpd
 Hardest Thing About BPD  On Being Compulsive
 Relating  Anger
 Intimacy  BPD Rage
 Trust  What it's like to have BPD
 Abandonment  Rejection
 Friendship  Self-Harm Coming
 Suicide Attempts/Ideation  Love
 Weight Issues/Eating  More from Borderlines
 BPD & Impulsiveness Coming  "self" True vs False Coming
 Black and White Thinking Coming  BPD Push/Pull Coming

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