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Borderline Personality Disorder From The Inside Out

A.J. Mahari
A.J. Mahari

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"The puzzle at the heart of BPD is one that you can solve." A.J. Mahari

Punishment and Revenge in BPD

Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life

The Legacy of Abandonment in BPD

Rage In BPD

Dilemma On Other Side of BPD - Loved Ones

Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance - Loved Ones of BPD

A.J. on Life/BPD Coaching For Loved Ones


Can Borderlines Recover?

A.J.'s BPD Podcast

A.J.'s Audio Podcast

Nons Unhooking From BPD Chaos

A.J. on Nons Letting Go

Breaking Free of The Borderline Maze - Recovery For Non Borderlines

Splitting in Borderline Personality - For Loved Ones

Abandonment In BPD

The Shame of Abandonment In BPD

Adult Child of Borderline Mother - Search for Closure

A.J.'s Blogs

Borderline Personality Disorder - Family Members, Loved Ones - Non Borderlines

The Other Side of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is secion of aimed at Family Members, Loved Ones, Ex or Relationship Partners of someone who had BPD with a wide variety of information about Borderline Personality Disorder for those who have a loved one, family member, friend or co-worker who has BPD. This site features the writing of Ms. A.J. Mahari, a woman who has recovered from BPD, and who also has extensive life-experience in the role of a non borderline. A.J. had two parents with BPD and has had a relationship with a person with BPD/NPD a few years ago.

Coaching For Loved Ones of BPD


A.J.'s Latest Ebook is Available Now!

Punishment and Revenge in Borderline Personality Disorder The Unmastered Talionic Impulse - What Loved Ones Need To Know and what those with BPD will learn from also if they are in an aware enough place to cope with any triggers that this subject might well bring up for them.

The Other Side BPD - Loved Ones

"Those who have a family member or loved one with BPD, or who have been in a relationship with someone with BPD will benefit from increasing their understanding of both Borderline Personality Disorder itself and the dilemmas that it presents on The Other Side of it for those referred to as non borderlines. It is from this understanding that those in relation to someone with BPD can begin to solve the puzzling aspects of this painful experience." - A.J. Mahari

Life/BPD Coaching For Loved Ones With A.J. Mahari

LIFE COACHING & BPD Coaching With A.J. Mahari

Loved Ones of BPD Support vs Rescue

A.J.'s Audio Program Borderline Splitting - Understanding for Loved Ones

Can Borderlines Recover?

This section of this website, The Other Side of Borderline Personality Disorder focuses on the issues and concerns of those who are loved ones, family members, partners or ex-partners, friends or co-workers of those diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. What every Loved One Needs To Know

3 Non Borderline Audio Programs Package $42.00

The Adult-Child of a Borderline Mother By A.J. Mahari

A.J. has written an ebook entitled The Other Side of Borderline Personality Disorder and her second ebook specifically for nons is Full Circle - Lessons For Non Borderlines A.J. has now added a third ebook aimed specifically at nons on the subject of Borderline Personality Disorder and love. The Dilemma On The Other Side of Borderline Personality Disorder For Non Borderlines Can Borderlines Love? Do Borderlines Feel Love?

Touchstone Life Coaching

Information and Support For Family Members

Do you love or care about someone diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder? Are you now, or were you in a significant other relationship, intimate partnership, or marriage with someone who has BPD? On this web site are Articles, Ebooks, Video and Audio Programs For Those Who Love or Care About Someone Who Has Borderline Personality Disorder (often referred to as non borderlines).

Pain on Both Sides of BPD

BPD and Abandonment Audio Program by A.J. Mahari

Articles and Video For Family Members of Those With BPD

The Adult-Child of a Borderline Mother By A.J. Mahari

  • Life Coaching With A.J. Mahari For Non Borderlines
  • A.J. Mahari's Audio Programs

    A.J. Mahari's latest and third ebook specifically for Non Borderlines is currently available. You can click on the cover to read more or to purchase this ebook.

    The Dilemma on The Other Side of Borderline Personality for the Non Borderline is a painful one. It is a dilemma driven by many questions. The source of those questions can be difficult for non borderlines to face. A.J. Mahari addresses what is at the heart of the non borderline dilemma, can borderlines love? Do borderlines feel love? Mahari not only answers these questions from the perspective of a recovered borderline but she also explains with her brand of incredible and unique insight as one who has been there why borderlines love the way that they do and what this means to the on-going dilemma of the non borderline.

    You can Click Here To Purchase all 3 of A.J. Mahari's Ebooks for Non Borderlines together with A.J's Audios "The Puzzle and Mystery of Hope on the Other Side of Borderline Personality Disorder and Breaking Free From The Maze of BPD - Recovery for Non Borderlines

    The Search For Understanding For Those On The Other Side of BPD

    Do you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder? Are you struggling to cope with the situation? Are you coming to know you have choices and decisions to make but are still unsure as to what you need/want to do?

    For those who find themselves on the other side of Borderline Personality Disorder the enigma can be mind-boggling. Coming to find out that a family member, loved one, partner, or ex-partner has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder for many begins a search to find understanding.

    This search for understanding becomes a journey of identifying, coping with, and working your way through the various stages of that are required for the choices that lay ahead. Choices that will bring with them a myriad of maze-like emotions that can and often do trap those on the other side of BPD in a very painful "no-man's land" so to speak. This "no man's land" is the central affect of being on the other side of what is the "borderline" no-win situation. This situation leaves the nonbp in the "rock and a hard place" position. This web site will address this and the stages that most non borderlines go through when coming to grips with the reality of Borderline Personality Disorder in the life of a loved one and by the nature of the connection to that loved one, in their own lives as well.

    A.J. Mahari Understands the Pain That BPD Causes On Both Sides From Her Own Personal Experience

    I have had a lot of experience with BPD - both sides of it. I have felt the pain that you may well be feeling today. I had two parents with Borderline Personality Disorder, developed BPD in my teen years and subsequently recovered from BPD at the age of 38. I then had a relationship with someone with BPD years later and was on the other side of BPD as a recovered borderline who is now a non borderline. I know this formidable and serious mental illness - personality disorder - from the inside out on both sides. It is from a caring and compassionate place that I share the Articles, Ebooks, Audio Programs and Video Messages for those of you are loved ones and/or family members of those who have been diagnosed with BPD.

    A.J. Mahari has ebooks on the subject of BPD available at Phoenix Rising Publications A.J. Mahari has Audio Programs available on the subject of BPD at Phoenix Rising Audio

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