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Hello everybody,

I have the problem and now there are souls that could understand it. My boyfriend has a BPD and I knew it from the very beginning, he was hospitalized once and the diagnosis was that together with alcoholism that goes together. My main problem is to find what is his main feeling about me. He asks me to stay with him to the end of his life, he calls me to work together, he is an artist, and shears with me all emotions and knowledge about it and all of a sudden he kicks me out of his life and wishes me to find someone else. He is sometimes aggressive and it happened always without any sign. I tried to leave him but I felt miserable all the time, he was getting worse and I continued.

It lasted three months and then he kicks me out of his life after a wonderful time together when I thought that we are so close that I wanted to go to the end of the world with him.

What can I do. Love him? Does he even know that I love him. He is never satisfied he used to live with me, I decorated his own apartment and he lives there, he wants me to come there but did not make any effort to make any space for me there, I don't even have a toothbrush there. I am so confused but can not stop thinking about how nice it can be and being unable to reject helping him.

Lonely me

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