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Life With A Person With BPD

Wombat's Journal Begins

To begin, I will quote a poem from the late (and probably BP) American poet John Berryman. It's from his "Dream Songs" and rather perfectly expresses my feelings for Nancy (it's been six months and I still can't help loving her.) The tenor of the lines of your retreats, Done in an instant, hurts me forever. Well, I suffer that bad will So long as I suffer. You would not have wanted this, The chaining of your friend to your abyss With one of the best seats. I overlook the hopeless spectacle with pity & love & almost perfect admiration, I feel your terror. I wish I didn't. Go, but not to hell, But you have disqualified yourself for this nation Of attempts & trial & error. You lowered a wall between us Which was your privilege. Now you must not expect Anything but suffering more, Fearless and final. You became anonymous And untruth after in your regard will be correct Hung on the veil you tore.
I will follow up with excerpts from my journal, consisting of a completely honest narrative of my six years with Nancy.

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